Mum’s fury after being charged £13.50 for ‘raw’ burger at upmarket pub

A mum says her dinner at an upmarket pub was “ruined” when she bit into a £13 burger and found that it was nearly raw.

The woman, from Hull, who has not been named, said she and her five-month-old baby were eating with her mother at The Triton Inn in Brantingham, a village in East Riding, when she bit into the raw burger.

She claims staff tried to “fob her off” by claiming the burger, which cost a steep £13.50, was “medium-rare”, according to Hull Live.

However, the pub has since apologised, saying she was given the wrong burger which was taken out of the oven early as a result of “human error”.

The woman, who works in hospitality, said: “I was meeting my mum with my nearly five-month-old baby.

“We haven’t been able to see her very often over the last year so she’d booked a day off work especially.”

She ordered the Triton burger, which “looked absolutely amazing”, and her mother ordered a steak sandwich.

“When I first bit in to the burger I did think it was a bit juicy. I just thought that a lot of places serve their burgers medium-rare these days, don’t they?

“As I carried on eating though it just got colder and the texture felt wrong so I decided to cut the burger itself open and have a look.

“When I cut it open I couldn’t believe how pink it was in the middle. It was really just raw mince on the inside and I’d already taken a good few bites out of the raw bit.”

She was unable to complain as no waiting staff checked on them until they were finished – a claim Triton Inn disputes – and then asked to see the manager or the chef.

However, she claims the member of the waiting staff walked off without apologising and did not return.

“I work in the industry so I know how things should be and the service they were giving us was terrible, never mind the raw burger that I’d paid £13.50 for”, she said.

“I went inside to complain and the three girls at the desk just tried to fob me off telling me that it was just medium rare and that was how the burgers were served.”

She says one of them eventually agreed the burger looked raw in a picture she showed them. They showed this to a manager who offered to refund the burger.

The woman said: “She looked at me as if to say ‘What more do you want?’”

“I expected a bit more after being served raw meat to be honest. Any sort of gesture or proper apology would have been nice but it just felt like I was an inconvenience.”

She said the burger could have made her ill or been dangerous for someone with a weaker immune system.

The woman added: “It ruined what should have been a rare day with my mum and I’m not going to be rushing back.”

Mike Ashton, director at Brantingham Inns, said Triton In has high standards and a five-star Food Safety Hygiene rating.

He said the burger was served by mistake.

“Our procedure for cooking all burgers is to cook to 70 degrees for at least 2 minutes and not serve anything other than well done”, he said.

“Having carried out a full investigation with the staff involved, including kitchen and front of house staff it has become clear that there was an unfortunate error whereby the wrong burger was taken from the oven and served to the customer’s table.

“We serve hundreds of meals a day and unfortunately on very rare occasions one of our staff will make a human error – our aim is to resolve these issues efficiently and effectively when they do infrequently occur.”

He also claimed the wait staff did return to the customers’ table during the meal.

Mr Ashton said they are “disappointed” this customer had a bad experience and that they have reached out to the customer to see how they can “make it up to her”.

He said the episode is being used as a training example for front of house staff to ensure high standards for all customers.